Exhibitor Sustainability Tips

To view more details on The Hospitality Show sustainability program visit our QuestZero website!  

Reduce signage waste: 

  • Encourage less printing and provide information digitally when it comes to booth literature. If you must print, create reusable non-dated signs that can be used year after year. 

  • Avoid foamcore signs as they CANNOT be recycled. Instead request sustainable material such as falcon board, phototex clings, or other recyclable signage options.  

  • For exhibit space, ask the show contractor what options they have for sustainable booths. 


Reduce booth waste: 

  • Request sustainable options from the show contractor or event staff. 

  • Break down ALL cardboard boxes and stack for pick up by janitorial staff. 

  • Eliminate polystyrene (i.e. packing peanuts, #6, or foam plastic) from shipping and operations. 

  • Set a goal to leave no trace behind by shipping out all booth properties, packing materials, and donating extra giveaways. 

  • Go paperless by collecting attendee information digitally and having a scannable QR code that leads directly to your website. 

  • Sustainable Packaging Resources: 


Additional tips: 

  • Recycle your badge holders. 

  • Give away flash drives loaded with content instead of flyers. 

  • Use recycled materials for tote bags and lanyards (ie: organic cotton bags). 

  • Use 100% post-consumer paper with soy-based ink. 

  • Use signboard made of 100% recyclable board (ie: Coroplast). 

  • Use locally grown seasonal flowers for centerpieces. 

  • Use biodegradable string (ie: cotton, sisal, jute), to hang or tie banners behind your booth. 

  • Use starch-based, biodegradable packing peanuts for shipping. They dissolve in water, are non-toxic, and can be composted. 


DON’T FORGET - Brief your booth staff on your sustainability plan including waste management, nightly shut-down plans, post-event donations, and the sustainable attributes of the booth. Please also distribute these Visitor Tips to your teams and booth staff. 


Reusable, eco-conscious and local event swag.  

Everyone loves collecting swag at conferences, trade shows, meetings, and gatherings. However, the unfortunate truth is that many of these giveaways end up in the garbage, heavily increasing the event’s carbon footprint. The key to eliminating this type of waste is to think carefully about what promotional materials you collect and offer at these events.   

Here are a few ideas Questex loves for sustainable event swag, promotional items, and giveaways: 

The possibilities to add a unique twist to your company’s promotional materials are endless. Try to think of fun, but practical, promotional items to avoid waste while keeping the event environment in mind.