Where hoteliers, technology & operations converge.

The Hospitality Show is a brand new event for the entire hospitality ecosystem with one shared goal: operating hotels efficiently and profitably.

Brought to you by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and Hotel Management, we’re bringing together top industry leaders, senior executives of hotel brands, owners, operators, management companies and procurement specialists -- and your teams. 

From labor and supply chain issues to reducing your operating costs, we have the technology and operations solutions you’ve been searching for. 

  • Hear from world-class speakers, innovators and changemakers over three days of dynamic educational sessions 
  • Connect with brands, owners, operators and key decision-makers through our personalized business matchmaking and networking events
  • Priority access to 300+ vendors in our exhibition hall, explore the ‘room of the future’ and purchase directly on The Show floor

The Hospitality Show pledge

Discover, network and drive profitability. This is your chance to shape the future of the industry and accelerate your business.

Curated meetings

Discovery zones

Expert speakers

Profitable solutions

Innovation launchpad

Tech demos

Who will you meet at The Hospitality Show?

Chip Rogers, CEO, AHLA

What to expect at The Hospitality Show 

Alexi Khajavi, Group President, Questex Hospitality, Travel & Wellness

What is THS? The brainchild of two powerhouse organizations: AHLA + Hotel Management.

I’m attending because…

Events are great for business.

Let’s make them good for the world.

Quest Zero is the Questex initiative to bring you community connection, discovery and learning without the green house gasses. We’re committed to reach net zero by 2050 – if not before!

Learn more about the Quest Zero initiative and specific actions already being taken to reduce emissions at events like this one.

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Let’s reach net zero together!

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