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Elevate Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Show is proud to partner with Clean the World.

Clean the World is a global leader in environmental and social impact solutions, which aims to make the world a better place by diverting soap bars and plastic amenities that the hospitality industry would otherwise discard from landfills and manufacturing new soap bars. By doing so, Clean the World helps reduce pollution, save water and decrease the carbon footprint of thousands of hotels globally, and improve the lives of women, children, and communities globally by donating new soap bars to global NGOs, such as The WASH Foundation.

With over 8,200 participants in its Global Hospitality Recycling Program, and more than 1.4 million hotel rooms processed daily, Clean the World has already diverted over 25.8 million pounds of waste from landfills and donated over 82 million bars of recycled soap since its inception in 2009.

How will The Hospitality Show help?

At The Hospitality Show, attendees will have the opportunity to help CTW Events, Clean the World’s sister company, build 1,000 hygiene kits to be donated to a local San Antonio shelter. CTW Events is a premier provider of fully scalable and customizable team-building experiences with a purpose that helps global organizations make the world a better place by facilitating high-energy impact events that result in not only the distribution of essential items, including hygiene, food, and school supplies but also meaningful connections throughout communities.

Since 2012, CTW Events has distributed 5.1 million kits to over 933 charity partners around the globe and supported 191,000 hours of team-building participation.

Clean the World Event